Basic equipment:


In designing the interior of the BMW M6 GT3, top priority was given to safety, ergonomics, ensuring controls are easily visible and accessible, and intuitive operation. The facts:

– Colour display with optional logger function
– Power box
– Illuminated control panel
– Adjustable pedal box
– Rigidly attached BMW safety seat (ventilated, with adjustable height and length), oriented towards centre of car for maximum safety
– Removable, multi-functional steering wheel with pedal shift and status LEDs (for example, for operating pit speed limiter, full beam/flash function, traction control, radio, wiper, display, drink system, etc.)*
– Welded safety cage in line with latest FIA standards
– Adjustable steering column
– Electrically adjustable wing mirrors
– Motorsport wiring harness with various free sockets (e.g. for data logger)
– Fire extinguishing system

Chassis and undercarriage


Efficient aerodynamics and a low-maintenance design for simple repairs: the exterior of the BMW M6 GT3 is also fine-tuned for performance, while at the same time ensuring the car is economical. The facts:

– Exterior completely made of carbon fibre
– Aerodynamically optimised chassis to comply with regulations for GT3 cars to be introduced in 2016 (splitter, diffusor, rear wing)
– Closed undercarriage
– Makrolon® discs (heated front disc)
– Easily accessible connections for lifting equipment, engine oil, and checking the oil
– Easily accessible brake liquid reservoirs and data export connections
– LED headlights
– Air jack system
– Rapid fuelling system (mountable on right or left of car)
– Carbon-fibre crash structure at front and CFRP crash element at rear for maximum safety


– Double wishbone axle at front and rear (adjustable height, camber, track, and roll centre)
– Öhlins shock absorbers (four-way adjustable)
– Anti-roll bar on front and rear axle, adjustable from exterior
– Traction control, adjustable


The low position of the power train further lowers the centre of gravity, thus improving performance. The transaxle gearbox ensures weight is distributed perfectly between the front and rear axles.


The powerful heart of the BMW M6 GT3 is based on the 4.4-litre production engine with M TwinPower Turbo Technology, as is used in the BMW M6 Coupé. The only modifications have been made to the oil supply and intercooling.

– Model: P63 production engine with M TwinPower Turbo Technology
– Type: V8
– Capacity: 4,395 cc
– Output: Up to 585 hp (depending on classification)
– Oil: supply Oil system, based on dry sump, specifically developed by BMW Motorsport
– Turbocharger: 2/production
– Intercooling: Air/air
– Engine management: Cosworth, Software specially developed by BMW Motorsport


– Ricardo transaxle unit
– Adjustable differential (preload)
– Generator, air-conditioning compressor, clutch on gearbox
– Zytek actuator
– Hydraulic, four-disc sintered clutch


– AP Racing brake system
– 6-piston, fixed calliper at front
– 4-piston, fixed calliper at rear
– BOSCH Motorsport ABS system, adjustable


– BBS rims, 13“ x 18“ on front and rear axle, black